Temporary Monsters by Ian Rogers

My first introduction to the writing of Ian Rogers was in Northern Haunts from Shroud Publishing.

After finding out Ian was a local boy (formerly a Torontonian, now living in Peterborough), I knew I had to read more by this talented writer.

Ian’s chapbook, Temporary Monsters, is set in my beloved Toronto. Main man Felix Renn is a private eye with a penchant for the supernatural goings-on in the mysterious Black Lands, which borders the city.

Lucky for Renn, he has a front row seat for the transformations of Hollywood “It” boy, his starlet-in-crime and a seedy drug kingpin into creatures that the kiddies used to only hear about in the movies.

From Temporary Monsters:

“The lower half of his face was awash in blood. It dripped off his chin in a lurid stream. His eyes had turned a dark eldritch red. It was like staring through the isinglass portal of a blast furnace.”

Through Rogers, Renn does good snark. He counterbalances the electric atmosphere of the city with his captivating personality. Renn, armed with his acerbic wit and untameable curiosity, proves that he can juggle the gobsmacking revelation that monsters truly do exist while keeping the romantic spark ignited by verbally jousting with his ex-wife, Sandra.

Right from the 1st line, “The waiter got killed before he could drop off the bill”, which is so stark, it immediately plunges you into the heart of the action, readers are thrown into a world where monsters are the norm and the Paranormal Intelligence Agency (PIA) and the paranormal itself acts as a dangling carrot that entices both readers and Renn alike.

Temporary Monsters offers enough of a teaser into Renn’ world that readers will surely be chomping at the bit for more, as I was.

The good news? Temporary Monsters is only Rogers’ first foray into The Black Lands. Burning Effigy has already released 2 sequels to Temporary Monsters. Look for reviews of The Ash Angels and Black Eyed Kids coming in the next few weeks.

My Body, another tale that provides a little teaser into the further adventures of our illustrious private eye, can be found in Chilling Tales from Edge Publishing (review forthcoming), and Rogers is working on a new Felix Renn story, a novelette and a novel-length work set in the same world.

As such, there will be no shortage of The Black Lands in the near future and that, dear readers, is a very good thing.

For all things Renn, check out The Black Lands.

You can find out more about Ian Rogers:


Have you read Temporary Monsters?

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Temporary Monsters

Publisher: Burning Effigy
Formats: Chapbook, 40 pages
Price: $8


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on “Temporary Monsters by Ian Rogers
7 Comments on “Temporary Monsters by Ian Rogers
  1. This is one of my favorite chapbooks, from one of my favorite writers, and one of my favorite presses. It’s a triple threat. THE ASH ANGELS, the follow up chapbook, is just as good, if not better.

    Killer stuff.

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