Introducing Bloodlight

Enquiring minds want to know what goes on behind-the-scenes in the life of a horror writer, and Bloodlight, our new month-long feature, is just the ticket.

Bloodlight will feature a weekly feature on one specific author, including a review of one of their works; an interview with the author; a guest blog/limerick/haiku/shitlist from said author, and a special blog post that COULD include anything from a giveaway, sample chapters – the sky’s the limit!

Ready to be bathed in the Bloody Bookish Bloodlight? Head over to the Bloodlight page and submit your info.

We want to share all your frightening secrets with dark fiction lovers everywhere!

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on “Introducing Bloodlight
2 Comments on “Introducing Bloodlight
  1. This looks like a great idea. As a writer myself, I always wonder how my methods mirror (or don’t) other writers! Can’t wait to see the posts here.

    I found this blog through the Coffin Hop – so Happy Halloween to all the Coffin Hoppers!

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